An eCommerce business cannot operate without a reliable shipping partner. To make sure your customers are always you should find the best shipping software so they can cater to all your orders. Every successful eCommerce business knows that they need to expand to multiple carriers to expand their consumer base. The good news is that there are many shipping software available that can handle orders from different websites. The key considerations for multi carrier shipping are that all the processing, packing and delivery should happen in one place. Below is a list of things you should consider when looking for the best shipping software.


The shipping software should be able to integrate with all the channels you sell your products on. It should be able to sync with the marketplace and automatically begin processing.


One of the key considerations for multi carrier shipping is that it should be able to manage all types of orders no matter how complex they are.

Bulk Discounts

The best shipping software is the one that offers customers discounts on delivery when they are ordering in bulk which not only helps you make more sales but also saves your money too.


Customer should be given the option to choose the delivery method they want based on the rates being offered by the companies.


Updates on the status of the package with in teal time must be available to you as well as your customers. This information reduces the number of queries customers send your way and also helps improve accountability.


The best shipping software not only picks up the orders and packs them but also creates shipping labels. There are also labels generated for the customer in case they want to return the package to the seller.


There is a good chance you will want to expand to countries outside the US in the future so another one of the key considerations for multi carrier shipping is to choose a provider that can also deliver to countries abroad. This means they should be equipped to deal with the customs and other paperwork involved when crossing borders.

Automated Tasks

The best shipping software has the ability to queue tasks and orders based on their priority. It uses a smartly designed algorithm to decide which package must be delivered through which carrier or service according to its weight and contents.