Orders. Shipment. Deliveries. The chances are you would try to do it all manually at the start of your business. This makes sense. When you are starting off, limiting your expenditure is the way to go. However, you shouldn’t do so to the point that it becomes inefficient. And this is what will happen if you continue managing your deliveries and shipment manually.

Sooner or later you will have to manage your shipping online via investing in an Ecommerce shipping software. Among the various multi carrier shipping solutions USPS – USA has to offer, it is important to select the best shipping software. Even though you will find many options in the market, not every Ecommerce multi carrier shipping software is perfect.

Your task is to find the perfect match. Here are some of the key considerations for multi carrier shipping software.

Integration with marketplace

No solution can claim to be the best shipping software if it is not integrated with the marketplace. For those of you who classify under Omni-channel sellers, the need for integration with the marketplace is even more pressing. Also, if a given solution is equipped with CSV mapping, this will even matter. The ability of a software to customize integration as per your need should also be sought.

Cost-effective shipping rates

At the end of the day, you must ensure that you pick the most cost-effective solution from the lot. We won’t advise you to look for the cheapest option even if it doesn’t have other required features. Instead, the key is to find the best shipping rates on top of the desired features. Don’t just believe the software when it tells you that it offers the best USPS rates. Instead, do a comparative analysis and find out for yourself. Shipping software that doesn’t rely on third party contract will be able to offer you the best rates.

Ease of access and reporting

At all point in time, you should be aware of your shipment situation. Real-time access of data and easy to understand reporting allows you to do so. Just because a software is managing it all doesn’t mean you can leave it be. Adopt the various tips to implement a multi carrier shipping solution. One tip is to keep tabs on the system by using its reporting tools.


If a given solution offers you these three main features, know that it is good enough to be tried.